Crisis Communications

Cause, Consequence, Crisis

Against the backdrop of geopolitical turmoil, economic uncertainties, supply chain disruption and the ever-present climate crisis, organisations are facing unpredictable and intense pressures. We are living in an age of perma-crisis.

It will never be possible to prevent disruption and crises entirely, but it is possible to mitigate their impacts through strategic preparation and

We have supported organisations across the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors to prepare, respond to and recover from incidents – of varying scale and severity – towards a more successful tomorrow. We are your partner during steady times and times of unpredictability.

Strategy, Support, Success

Risk Identification

Impact Assessment

Response Planning

Incident Management

Strategic Counsel

Media and Social Monitoring

Reputation Recovery

Stakeholder Engagement

The Team


Ben is a communications and corporate reputation expert, with over 20 years of experience in senior positions within major multi-national businesses, politics, the charity sector and consultancy.


A corporate and reputation management specialist with over 10 years’ experience working across multiple global markets and industries, Jamie leads Copper Consultancy’s crisis communications offer.


James leads Copper Consultancy’s Strategic Communication practice and is astute in the design and implementation of data-led stakeholder management and communications strategies.


Copper Consultancy has been a trusted partner to organisations across the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors during periods of uncertainty and crisis. We are skilled and experienced in supporting organisations when they need it most.

Some examples include:

– Establishing crisis plans and response protocols for a major energy company.

– Assisting a UK Government agency with crisis planning and response.

– Crisis planning for major infrastructure projects.

– Supporting a global technology and manufacturing business.

To find out more information and how Copper Consultancy can support you, please get in touch.

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