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Copper’s creative content team offers a comprehensive marketing and communication service that helps you to engage, inform and persuade your audiences. Our team is fluent in science, technology and marketing, and confident with complex technical concepts. From concept to delivery, we guide you through the creative process, working with you to build and enhance your communications and campaigns.

Our success is built on collaborative dialogue, a commitment to offering expert advice and guidance, and a determination to create marketing products that elevate your message.

Our responsive and comprehensive services support spans five key areas:

and visualisation





Animation and visualisation: Creative visual storytelling

Animations and visualisations deliver marketing messages with simplicity and style. We build engaging 2D and 3D animations, explainer videos and eye-catching visuals to promote technical ideas, brands, products and services. Whether you want to inform customers, engage stakeholders, educate the public, support sales efforts or differentiate yourself from competitors, Copper can help.

We will define the animation you need and combine technical accuracy with strong visual impact to deliver your message. We establish a clear brief and maintain consistent dialogue throughout the project; all to ensure that your finished product is delivered on time and on budget and exceeds expectations.

Brand development: Defining and promoting identity

Our creative content team works to develop new brands, products and services, and corporate identities for tech start-ups to and established global corporations. We articulate brand values that resonate with customers and help clients present them in a consistent, considered and effective manner.

We draw on decades of experience and a detailed understanding of clients’ markets, such as energy and technology, to guide brand and communication strategy. Our offer includes refreshing and adapting existing brands; developing and refining brand personalities; strategic messaging for companies, products and services; and the development of visual identities and guidelines.

Copywriting: A distinctive voice for your business

Our writers are highly qualified scientists and engineers who write about complex technical subjects in an articulate way, and can provide professional advice on the tone and structure of supplied texts. We develop engaging, value-based narratives that engage your customers and support marketing efforts, helping explain the features and business benefits of your products and services. We also provide support in storyboarding, wireframing for interactive documents and planning content flows for large documents or websites.

Copper’s copywriters have extensive industry knowledge and work to engage your technical experts and senior executives to produce high-quality and accurate content that meets your style and brand requirements.

Editing services: Making sure your words do their job

Professional editing clarifies a message without changing its meaning. Copper’s specialist editors, subeditors and proofreaders understand what you are trying to say, no matter the subject’s complexity or technical nuances.

The materials you present to customers or stakeholders must be of the highest professional and language standards and aligned with the relevant corporate or publication styles. We guarantee text that is suitable for its intended audience and examine its structure to eliminate repetition and ambiguity, and to improve logic and flow.

Graphic design: Creativity that supports business messages

Copper’s graphic design team creates visuals that maximise the impact of business and stakeholder communications. We specialise in combining accurate technical content with strong visual style, to produce results that engage and resonate with your target audiences.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and to provide effective creative solutions. We offer a full suite of services, including refreshing designs, revitalising brands and – for companies with a defined style guide – adapting and interpreting within existing guidelines.

Our objective is to build a lasting relationship with clients, because we believe that this helps to ensure the best design outcomes.

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