Investing in new infrastructure and lowering emissions.  

An oxymoron?  

Or the hardest jobs in net zero?  

For those delivering vital infrastructure and construction projects across the UK, the task could be considered an oxymoron.  

Manufacturing cement for wind turbines. Producing lithium for car batteries. Building production plants for hydrogen.  

Jobs that are not inherently net zero but support the transition present a unique set of challenges.  

We are missing an opportunity to build momentum towards net zero if we don’t explain the industry’s oxymorons.  

Copper has launched a major new campaign to explore these challenges and find The Hardest Jobs in Net Zero.  

Why are we doing this?   

The government’s Net Zero Strategy is filled with promises that have yet to be translated into action.  

Key questions remain – who will cover the cost, how will the skills gap be filled and how will government engage the public?  

When it comes to complex infrastructure, projects go far beyond ‘net zero or not’ and require careful explanation to gain stakeholder buy-in.  

This is the driving force behind The Hardest Jobs in Net Zero, a personal study of people at the forefront of the energy transition.  

What do we aim to achieve?  

  • Move from talk into action – showcase real world stories of the transition that drive others to shift from strategy to delivery. 
  • Improve the odds reduce the risk of projects being misunderstood and delayed.  
  • Create a platform for change – maximise the opportunity for positive political and policy decisions, as well as investment. 
  • Give net zero a reality check – highlight the critical infrastructure investment required to achieve ambitious targets. 

How can you get involved?  

From local councils to multinational corporations, we want to hear about the real-world impact people are having on the energy transition in unapparent ways.  

Share your hardest job challenge with the team: