Joining Copper as a recent graduate

After joining Copper, I was curious as to how my experience would translate into working for a consultancy. A Politics and International Relations degree, has equipped me with the knowledge to understand the pressures that infrastructure faces. My transferrable skills have been beneficial to my role. However, the lack of direct experience in the infrastructure industry hasn’t impacted my involvement with projects.

Would you consider working for a consultancy?  It may surprise you at the approach they take to projects and the variety of tasks they complete. After exploring what Copper do, I took a leap into the world of consultancy. My team have been exceptionally supportive, guiding me through the first steps of my career. There’s no question too small and no problem too complex for my colleagues, who are always happy to support.


The most important thing in the eyes of Copper is determination.

Am I able go above and beyond to take on work and complete it to a high standard? Will I support my team with a positive attitude? While expertise and experience are invaluable to delivering projects for our clients, it is equally important to be willing to learn.


My first full time role out of University

Previously, having used Microsoft Teams in an academic environment, there are some features and applications which are new to me. Copper also uses other programmes, tools and websites which are part of my learning process.  However, Copper provide accessible guides that detail best practice, this leaves no room for uncertainty. Following a fantastic induction, I felt very welcomed by the team at Copper.

The element of my degree that I most enjoyed was research and presentation. I value the opportunity to create compelling arguments based on examination and analysis of sources. My current role allows me to improve those skills further. I have been able to work on a variety of projects from sustainable road and rail infrastructure to sky gardens. I balance a diverse workload with competing deadlines, and understand how to meet and surpass stakeholder expectations. In a very short time here, I have enhanced my own administration and public relations skills more than I ever imagined with guidance and support from the Copper team.


What drew me toward Copper

In addition to Copper providing a supportive working environment, Copper provides access to a huge range of e-learning tools on their Learning Pool platform. To support my personal development, I am able to undertake e-learning modules which encompass topics such as: GDPR, leadership development and health and wellbeing.

When you complete your three-month probational period, you are even given access to a personal development fund to be able to undertake training to pursue your own personal goals. The options are endless, colleagues have utilised this fund for courses such as sailing lessons, dog first aid training and much more.

Copper are committed to helping the UK meet or surpass its Net Zero emission targets through their project work. Every project Copper is involved with prioritises providing both positive social value to impacted local communities and contributing to a sustainable future. These are both issues that I feel passionately about and I am proud to contribute towards.


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