On Saturday, Vaughan Gething MS was announced as the new leader of the Welsh Labour Party, narrowly defeating Jeremy Miles MS in the party’s leadership election.


Gething formally took office as First Minister on Wednesday following the resignation of incumbent Mark Drakeford on Tuesday, and has now announced his new Cabinet, with further junior ministerial announcements to follow over the weekend and early next week.


Gething outlined that “this ministerial team will answer the call of the generation in waiting, to create a stronger, fairer, greener Wales”.


Appointments so far have shown his Cabinet to be a balance of continuity and change with many familiar faces from the previous government but with new portfolios and changes in key positions.


Further detail on the new Cabinet and what it means for energy and infrastructure can be found in here.


For more on what a change in Welsh Labour leadership means for internal Labour relations between the Welsh and UK Labour party, see our blog here.


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