5 Things I have Learnt as a Junior Designer at Copper 

Over the past year and a half as a junior graphic designer, I’ve learnt a lot about design (which goes without saying). Also learning about working in a professional environment, and, more importantly, about myself.

However, starting a job in this industry fresh out of university with only a few freelance jobs and an internship under your belt can be an extremely daunting experience. But the design team at Copper helped to guide me through this transition. 



Here are the top five things I have learnt: 


1. Ask lots of questions. 

We have all been there. Undeniably, starting a brand-new job and realising that you have no idea what you are doing. Luckily, my manager and the wider team were there patiently answering my queries whenever I needed them. Not only has this helped me to gain confidence and knowledge, but also to completely understand what is required of me. 


2. Learn from your team. 

I became a sponge. Soaking up knowledge through experience, exposure, and guidance from the other designers. Evidently, this is something that I will continue to do. 


3. Voice your opinion. 

In fact, being a junior has never stopped my team from asking for my ideas.  They treat me as an equal and emphasise the fact that just because I don’t have a few years of industry experience, this doesn’t mean I can’t express my opinion. Ultimately this really helped to build my confidence and voicing your opinion will also build your communication skills. Pitching new ideas, concepts, and having a fresh perspective to tasks, whilst also having them taken seriously helps to make me feel like I am a valued member of the team. 


4. Keep trying new things. 

Copper has continuously supported my thirst for learning new skills, and from that, I have learnt to speed up my workflow on multiple programmes as well as experiment with new ideas. Most notably, I have been given the chance to apply these skills to client work. Trying new things has shown me that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 


5. Share your experiences. 

The friendly nature of Copper has helped me to feel confident when talking about both positive and negative experiences of working at an agency. After all, there is no doubt, that if I need help, someone will be able to offer assistance.  


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