The results of focus groups linked to our latest study of what the public really thinks about infrastructure have given us tantalising insights into attitudes in the UK.

But before we can reveal our theories we need to subject them to more rigorous quantitative testing with our research partner TLF (, who are specialists in designing and managing customer experience research programmes.

This is Copper’s second major study of the British public’s attitudes to infrastructure and follows our ground-breaking 2015 report Independent survey of attitudes to infrastructure in Britain, which was endorsed by Lord Adonis, chair of the National Infrastructure Commission.

The 2015 research showed that 87% of people support infrastructure investment and almost two thirds would like to be more involved in plan-making.

This time we’re digging even deeper into those findings to measure the public readiness for investment, their perception of project risk, their understanding of the wider benefits and the impact of issues such as devolution and Brexit.

Copper Director Martin McCrink said the four focus groups in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Holmfirth had given researchers specific insight into public attitudes towards wider benefits.

“We now understand more about how and why the public makes connections between infrastructure investment and the societal benefits we all experience. The quantitative testing will test the theories. It’s one of the most exciting stages of the study.

“This research is distinct among UK communications consultancies and is a result of our specialist expertise in the field of infrastructure. We’ll be launching our study in the autumn with a series of UK-wide round table events, and would love to hear from clients or stakeholders who would like to get involved.”