More detailed designs have been revealed for Cardiff Parkway, a proposed new railway station to the south of St Mellons Business Park, following endorsement by the Burns Commission and the Hendy Review.  

The 90,000sqm Cardiff Hendre Lakes development, which includes Cardiff Parkway railway station, aims to bring connectivity, jobs and investment to South Wales. The development will make a significant contribution to the regeneration of east Cardiff and the growth ambitions of the Cardiff Capital Region. The development has the potential to support up to 6,000 jobs, as well as becoming a transport hub, helping people access other employment opportunities across South Wales and beyond. 

Copper has worked with the Cardiff Parkway team since 2019, providing communications, engagement and consultation services throughout the pre-application period.  

 Nigel Roberts, Chairman of Cardiff Parkway Developments, said: “Our proposals are for a sustainable, well-connected garden business district with public transport and active travel at its heart. This unique development will bring investment to an area that has long suffered from underinvestment, create new employment opportunities, and better connect people in this region of south east Wales. We are aiming to deliver convenient and quick services, with a high-quality customer experience, particularly for public transport and active travel, to encourage sustainable transport to become the obvious choice.  

“While the unprecedented challenges we’ve all had to endure over the last two years have impacted our programme, our team is as motivated as ever. We have been working hard with key stakeholders to prepare to deliver the scheme and we’re delighted that Sir Peter Hendy has endorsed Lord Burns’ report where Cardiff Parkway is one of the key recommendations. We are really looking forward to making that recommendation a reality for everyone by starting on site next year as soon as our planning application is determined.” 

Annabel John, Director of Communications at Copper, said: “The Cardiff Parkway project is one part of much needed investment in transport connectivity for south Wales and has been endorsed by the Burns Commission and the Hendy Union Connectivity Review. The opportunity to work on this project has been really exciting and we look forward to the next stages of the project in 2022.”