A new online portal has been launched by Copper Consultancy to provide access to a growing catalogue of research into public ‘Attitudes to Infrastructure’.

 Leading strategic communications and stakeholder engagement company, Copper Consultancy, has released a series of key research reports about public sentiment towards infrastructure and development.

The research series, which covers topics ranging from the public’s attitude to net-zero emissions to development in Birmingham, has been made available to enable professionals involved in the sector to better understand the aspirations and concerns of the communities and stakeholders they serve.

The accessible catalogue of studies is now available on Copper’s website and will continue to grow as Copper interrogates issues and challenges facing the industry.

Ben Heatley, Managing Partner at Copper said: “Through listening to individuals and communities across the UK, we have developed a series of reports that provide valuable insight into how our industry is viewed, and the opportunities for organisations operating within it.

“Our new portal is a source of intelligence that helps to address the risk of communications pitfalls in projects, enabling the sector to overcome the potential disconnect between the complex demands of the project and the needs, aspirations and concerns of local people.”

Additional Copper ‘Attitudes’ studies will continue to be released to further analyse sentiment in the sector, and the whole library of research is now available to read online and free to download.

To read the full range of Copper ‘Attitudes’, visit https://www.copperconsultancy.com/attitudes/