Copper has created a short animated film for our client, National Grid Property (NGP), to show how the company is giving a new lease of life to old gasholder sites across the UK.

Our challenge was to turn 200 years of history into a two-and-a-half-minute animation, telling the story of gasworks sites from the Battle of Waterloo, to the discovery of natural gas, to 2017 and beyond.

The animation shows how NGP is working hard to turn these old industrial sites into new spaces for a huge range of uses, including housing, schools, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, roads and sports grounds.

The animation is an effective and flexible way for NGP to explain to its staff and stakeholders how it is working to prepare its sites for redevelopment – putting those sites back at the heart of communities for people to live in, work in and enjoy. It can be used on the web, and at public information events, schools and conferences to get the message across in a quick and accessible way.

You can take a look by clicking on the image below.