I had always wanted to experience an internship.

This has come from my desire to begin working in a professional workplace. My time at Copper as an intern in the Construction Practice has been fascinating. This includes tasks such as going door to door to inform residents of work in their area for Network Rail, to producing stakeholder audits for National Grid.  


No two days are the same.

Everything I have done has gone towards developing the relationship with our clients and the residents that our projects are aiming to help. As a politics student, we often learn of concepts of diplomacy and collaboration. Nowhere has this been more evident to me, as it has been whilst working at Copper. Of course, the level of diplomacy required when engaging with stakeholders who may have adverse feelings towards the projects, and working with clients on how best to respond is paramount.


We try to keep everyone happy- just like the United Nations do in international relations!

When this hasn’t been possible, I have been taught how to tackle this in the most efficient way. Utilising my knowledge of the projects, as well as the enquiries that come from residents, to develop a plan to help mitigate the impact on the resident, whilst not hindering the project.  


Why Copper?

Whilst the construction industry may not appear to be the natural place for a politics student. However, at Copper I have found a company that have welcomed me with open arms. This has helped me to develop my communication and stakeholder engagement skills. All useful skills in politics! 


Your Experience At Copper

One of the best parts of working for Copper has definitely been the team I have had the pleasure of working with. From the Account Executives to the Directors, everyone is caring and willing to help at a moment’s notice. Not only, does this helps to make sure all jobs are complete but also, that I get the support I need. Instead of being told you’re doing something wrong, the senior team will have a conversation to establish your thought process. They then take the time to explain how it differs from their approach. In fact, it never feels condescending, but instead, I am able to learn from people more experienced who are there to help. The team always provide constructive feedback to help me become the best I can be. 

It is fascinating being part of the communications team working on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) as part of my internship. I have learnt so much and would highly recommend an internship as part of a work experience programme. Knowing that I have contributed to supporting Britain in becoming Net Zero is a great feeling. Also, this is the reason I study politics, to help make the world a better place for everyone.