We’re thrilled to announce that a new BMX team will be on the gate next year. Team Mind has been established by old skool BMXer Andy O’Hare to raise awareness of, and all important funds for, mental health charity, Mind. The team brings together old and new faces from the world of BMX racing, all who share a desire to promote the importance of mental health and the help and support that is available.

Copper’s John Twitchen will be back racing in 2015 after a break of more years than he cares to remember…! John says, “I’m really pleased to be able to help establish this team. It’s such an important issue. Spending time with friends, family and keeping fit all play an important role in my mind.”

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem, and if/when you do, supportive and reliable information can change your life. Team Mind will be on hand at races in the south, midlands and north regions as well as a number of national events throughout 2015 – feel free to approach one of our team riders to find out more.

Copper is proud to be sponsoring the team, along with Dirtworks, DC Cycles and Thrill Bikes.

Keep on track with #TeamMindBMX, on Facebook, and also on our website.