Empowering Nuclear Innovation: Building a skilled and sustainable future  

  • New Nuclear Skills Taskforce to turbo charge skills activity in the nuclear sector 
  • Sir Simon Bollom appointed as Taskforce’s Chair 
  • Bringing together government, employers and academia to meet nuclear skills growth opportunities.  


Recent findings from Copper Consultancy’s attitudes to nuclear research highlights the need to raise awareness about the potential for nuclear power to play a role in the low-carbon and sustainable energy transition. 

Last week, the New Nuclear Skills Taskforce, headed by Sir Simon Bollom, was established, signifying a pivotal step toward amplifying nuclear’s significance.  

In fact, the drive towards net zero emissions, nuclear power is important to recognise as a renewable energy source. Therefore, attracting new talent to the sector is a vital part of delivering on its promise.  

As our attitudes report highlights, a significant number of people (47%) are in favour of developing nuclear sites. This recognises the potential for job creation, regional upskilling and supporting the UK in its 2050 targets. 

Additionally, the Taskforce report showcases extensive job prospects across the nuclear sector. With roles spanning from technical and managerial domains which are fundamental to the nation’s job landscape. This resonates with its objective of enhancing skills and knowledge through synergistic partnerships among government, academia and industry.  

To summarise, the insights from our research, combined with the efforts of the Taskforce, underscore the need to showcase nuclear power’s potential to support a transition towards low-carbon and sustainable energy solutions.  


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