Jocelyn Honeywood, Account Manager at Copper, highlights innovative and creative solutions to the housing crisis in London…

New London Architecture’s (NLA’s) latest Insight Study, ‘New Ideas for Housing’, took a step towards addressing London’s housing crisis earlier this month via a major international ideas competition.

Entrants were asked to provide an idea that would help to improve the ‘speed, scale and quality of housing supply’ and an overwhelming mix of both practical and somewhat radical ideas was provided.

Some of the most eye catching proposals included; stackable ‘Spacebox’ housing (pictured above), providing a shorter-term solution in the same vein as pop-up shops;  building above existing public buildings such as schools or hospitals; filling the gaps between semi-detached homes to build micro-houses; and making use of ‘bluefield’ sites by building floating homes along London’s waterways and canal network (pictured below).

Ten ideas were selected as winners from over 200 entries from around the world, with architects, developers, local boroughs and even city residents submitting their concepts. The winners, chosen by a jury of industry experts, and a further 100 shortlisted ideas are on display until 17 December 2015 at a free public exhibition at the NLA galleries.

The winning entries will be looked at in detail by the Greater London Authority who will determine their feasibility as future housing options for London.

Find out more about NLA and their ‘New Ideas for Housing’ initiative on their website or read through each of the 100 shortlisted ideas online here.