Copper Consultancy will host a session on 9th December entitled ‘What can infrastructure learn from public attitudes to vaccinations in a pandemic?’. We will be joined by Bruce Hugman from the World Health Organization’s Uppsala Monitoring Centre, an independent centre for patient safety and scientific research in Sweden.

In a pattern close to that of major public health programmes, the infrastructure sector delivers major projects supported by government policy to address societal issues, protecting a population’s wellbeing and achieving progress against global challenges while balancing impacts, all within a political context. To achieve these aims, regulatory, planning, legal, safety and communications risks first need to be addressed before this becomes a reality.

Copper released a series of research studies that seek to gain an understanding of public attitudes to infrastructure in the UK. These research reports have also shown clear comparables between public attitudes towards widescale vaccinations and public attitudes to major infrastructure projects.

Bruce will discuss the challenges facing a vaccine’s path to immunising a population and what lessons the infrastructure industry can learn from the many parallel issues that arise when a major change is introduced to a society.

Our guest speaker Bruce has written extensively on healthcare communication, particularly regarding patient safety, risk communication and crisis management. He has published several books on a variety of topics including law, sociology, criminal justice, literary criticism and biography as well as multiple articles in professional journals and chapters in edited collections. He teaches and lectures in many parts of the world and has taught English and social studies in many schools and universities. He also worked within the criminal justice system as a probation officer and held senior positions in the public transport sector.

Bruce recently spoke and presented on the contemporary threats to science and evidence and on the corrosive threats of fake news. His principal books in the field of healthcare are Expecting the Worst (a crisis management manual for healthcare) and Healthcare Communication, a textbook for all sectors of the field.

The event will take place on Wednesday 9th December at 12:30. A question and answer session chaired by Managing Partner Martin McCrink will follow the discussion. For those unable to attend, a recording of the webinar will be available following the event for those who have registered.

To register for the free-to-attend webinar, please visit:

Please note that Bruce will be joining us as an independent party and will not be speaking on behalf of the Upsalla Monitoring Centre or the World Health Organisation.