Download the report here.


We are excited to announce that during the election campaign, Copper has teamed up with BMG (both part of the RSK group) to offer a weekly election polling service.


Our first weekly report not only tracks overall voting intention but offers insight into how policies relating to infrastructure are being viewed by voters.  The full report can be found by clicking below.


Key findings include:


1. Great British Energy has widespread popular support and crucially is getting traction during the early weeks of the campaign. Support for GBE was as high as it has been since we started tracking

2. Labour is more trusted by voters to deliver than the Conservatives on almost all policy areas, including energy

3. Labours’ plans to build on the green belt look like one of their least popular policies, but there is a big split on this between young and old.


To discuss the findings in more detail, and to discuss how your organisation can make sure they are prepared for the election please email Patrick Traynor.