Copper’s expertise in infrastructure communications is being be used to set future directors of major projects on the right track for success.

Our director Martin McCrink was interviewed by academics from the University of Leeds to provide video content for a new distance learning offering by Routemap Ltd, an organisation which brings together sector expertise in the delivery of major projects and programmes.

Managing Major Engineering Projects will share practical knowledge to help reduce risk and improve delivery. It will be part of a suite of tools and guidance for more effective early project planning based on the Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Project Initiation Routemap initiative.

Led by research fellow and Routemap Ltd director Nancy Madter, Martin was asked to explain the value of developing a robust communications strategy from the outset of a project.

Martin said: “The value of communications in the successful delivery of major projects is something that’s being increasingly recognised by the infrastructure sector.

“Copper is leading the debate on how the public views and understands the role and benefits of infrastructure through our own evidence-based research. It’s great to be able to share the benefits of that with the project leaders of the future.”

The work of Routemap Ltd, and the involvement of experts like Copper, help the project leaders of today and tomorrow actively consider all the risks and achieve the best possible outcomes, Nancy explained.