Copper is a consciously specialist agency.

We live and breathe infrastructure and development, work on policy formation, support major projects, facilitate construction, and help major organisations build understanding of what they do.

Being specialist means that we are unlikely to become the biggest agency in the UK. But that doesn’t make us niche.

We’ve moved up nine places in PR Week’s latest ranking of communications agencies, and we are number six in the league table for growth in number of employees.

We have been growing fast, investing heavily in our brilliant team, and see a significant opportunity to continue to grow.

In recent years, Copper has made a firm commitment to support the transition to a net zero society, and a sustainable economy. Although we also support projects that help to rebalance the economy and enable more widespread access to essential infrastructure, the vast majority of our work is dedicated to enabling low carbon energy, supporting decarbonisation of industry, boosting active travel, and facilitating the change neeed to deliver these transitions.

That may look like pushing at an open door. The case for investment into establishing a cleaner, more sustainable, more nature rich way of life has been won…..right?

Opinion polls repeatedly show that belief in manmade climate change is almost universal. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t fervent debate about how we go about weaning ourselves off fossil fuels, and the changes that we will all experience as a result.

For our latest Attitudes report, Will the next general election be won or lost on climate change?, we surveyed 1,500 members of the public on their attitudes to net zero. The report found that the public supports policies to address climate change, but are deeply sceptical about how realistic efforts are; and remain concerned about how the net zero transition will impact them. In short, people want net zero, but are less convinced about who should pay for it, or that they want a windfarm or solar park in their ‘back-yard’. Progress towards carbon reduction and increased sustainability sparks heated discussion, debate and all too often opposition.

And that is where Copper comes in. We have spent 25 years talking to everyone from government ministers to local residents, about the need for change. We ensure that a wide range of views are taken onboard as projects are planned, and work to build common understanding.

The scale and pace of change is going to need to increase in the years ahead, if we are going to even come close to achieving net zero goals. There will be an ever increasing need for dialogue as individuals and communities grapple with what net zero means for them, and the role for Copper and companies like us, is going become ever more important.

But, just more talking, in an already noisy world isn’t necessarily going to help. We need to change how we speak, work harder to tell engaging and relatable stories, bring new groups of people into the conversation, and do better at listening.

To respond to this challenge, Copper has expanded our offering, bringing together a team of specialist content creators, writers, editors, designers, animators and digital communicators, to bring complex, technical and often challenging topics to life.

Despite being a specialist agency, as part of the RSK Group, we can offer the widest range of services from research, data insight and analysis, through communications strategy, stakeholder engagement, content creation and digital, and even cutting edge sustainable events.

We remain ambitious for the future and believe we can make a positive, and ever more significant, contribution to a more sustainable future.

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