Managing Partner Martin McCrink reflects on a successful year for Copper, and considers what the future might hold for the business and the infrastructure sector. 

At Copper, we’ve had our most successful year to date and are looking ahead to achieving even more in the next twelve months. 

The challenges our clients will face in the next year sit in the context of political change, geopolitical instability, economic uncertainty and environmental crises.  

We are fortunate to work in infrastructure which offers answers to these challenges. At Copper we play a direct role in helping our clients to establish a societal licence to operate, secure consent, change policy and shift opinion. We help our clients deliver change in the face of opposition, confusion, apathy, support or all of the above. 


Many highlights over the last twelve months 

Last year, we welcomed new colleagues across the UK to join our business to help us provide an even better service to our clients.  

We are also supporting a wider range of clients than ever before. Last year we delivered new projects in emerging sectors including hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, heat-networks and sustainable aviation fuel. We are also seeing substantial growth in water, energy transmissions and generation, and emerging green shoots in the nuclear industry. 

The unifying factor between all of the above is that organisations are addressing how they make themselves more sustainable, how they decarbonise and how they respond to the impacts of climate change. Copper is at the forefront of the transition to a more sustainable economy, and the breadth of new projects that are coming through is enormously encouraging. 

To deliver on all this, we continue to invest in and grow our team to take on more of our clients’ challenges. We are delighted to have made 23 promotions across the business this month. 


We’ve laid the foundations for another positive year and have renewed our purpose 

Over the next twelve months, the infrastructure sector is going to face the continued challenge of securing societal and political support to develop the projects and deliver the change we need to address major challenges. In response we will continue to focus on our purpose – to support clients to make a positive impact upon the environment, improve the sustainability of their organisations, and transition wider society. 

Our goal is to deliver the infrastructure that will enable change and prepare for a net zero society.  

A key that unlocks much of this is trust – a critical ingredient to any plan where change is proposed. The more trust our sector can build with the society, stakeholders and decision makers, the more chance we have securing buy in which smooths the path to delivery. 

This is only likely to be even more important in the future. 


Join Copper 

Next financial year promises to be exciting, purposeful and important for infrastructure and we are proud to be part of the industry. If you’d like to join a team with a clear purpose, supportive colleagues in an environment where you’ll be encouraged to take on our sector’s biggest challenges, please do get in touch.