Copper Consultancy, the award-winning specialist infrastructure communications agency, has committed to being carbon neutral in advance of COP26.

Copper has partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to advise on and certify the firm’s net zero status. The Copper team will be delivering offsetting projects which maximise the social value.

Founded 25 years ago, Copper is also launching its biggest research project to date. Building on its Attitudes to Infrastructure series, the new study will ask ‘What does climate change mean to us as individuals and the decisions we need to make about infrastructure.”

It is Copper’s ambition to challenge the infrastructure sector’s thinking on net zero to unlock public support for the projects and the investment required to meet the UK’s global commitments.

Claire Gordon, Chair, Copper Consultancy said:

“Our sector is doing fantastic work to ensure businesses are responding to the challenges of net zero in terms of their operations, as are we.

“But, the same attention needs to be applied to projects. We know that building infrastructure can’t be net zero in the purest sense, so what can be done? And how can it be explained to customers? That is our current focus on this issue.”

Copper recently won the CIPR’s Specialist Consultancy of the Year Excellence Award 2021 and the PRCA’s Large Consultancy of the Year 2021 in the South West, Midlands and South East.