The coronavirus is the greatest challenge to face the world in living memory, and it’s hard to think of any element of life that won’t be affected in some way.

The immediate concerns about public health must take precedence over everything else. Coronavirus has the potential to cause many people to lose their lives prematurely and countless more to be hospitalised. Every effort must be taken to slow the spread of the disease in order to limit transmission and to enable health services to prepare for what may be to come.

At Copper our first priority has therefore been to enable all of our staff to practice social distancing to the greatest degree possible. Everyone from the company is working from home, and has been for some time, and we are continuously striving to ensure that everyone from across the company is as well cared for as possible.

But our responsibility doesn’t stop with our own staff. As a company we work day in, day out, to support the largest and most challenging social and economic infrastructure projects across the UK.

We are committed to building a better Britain, by helping to deliver the transport connections, energy systems, communications networks, new homes, and commercial property that we need to address challenges faced by communities across the country. As such, we have certainly not downed tools. Instead we are working alongside our clients to identify creative mechanisms to communicate with communities and stakeholders, and to enable projects to continue to the greatest degree they can.

Coronavirus will force us all to think differently, to implement new ways of working, and to engage with new technologies. The outcome of this may be that we learn invaluable lessons, which we will be able to apply for years to come, to deliver projects more efficiently, effectively and with greater societal support.

The UK is facing unprecedented economic upheaval, and this is sadly having a very significant and immediate impact upon companies and the people they employ. We have to hope that return to growth will be swift, but it is essential that we lay the foundations for recovery now. That is why we are taking every opportunity to demonstrate creativity and to work alongside project teams to deliver effective communications strategies, that can continue to be rolled out digitally, or that can be implemented rapidly as soon as we are able.

The whole Copper team remains actively engaged and is ready, willing, and able to help our clients in whatever way they need.