Copper Consultancy has been selected by the UK Government as one of 18 specialist agencies appointed to a new framework.

The Government Communication Service (GCS) has refreshed its roster with consultancies who are best placed to deliver its forthcoming campaigns. Copper’s focus on infrastructure and development will help to communicate Government’s commitment to investing in vital infrastructure and in providing economic security for Britain.

Claire Gordon, Chair, Copper Consultancy said, “Copper continues to lead the communications narrative for infrastructure and development. We are creating and delivering successful, results-driven campaigns which reduce risk and increase certainty for our clients and a project’s stakeholders and communities.

“The economic and societal benefits associated with the infrastructure pipeline are wide-reaching and extremely significant and we are looking forward to bringing our knowledge, skills and experience to Government projects.”

Copper’s report on ‘Attitudes to Infrastructure in Great Britain’ demonstrated public support for world-class infrastructure, strong leadership and an aspiration to play a more active role in the planning process.

Copper’s project portfolio spreads across 14 Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects including A303 Stonehenge, West Midlands? Interchange, North London Heat and Power Project, Hinkley Point C Connection Project and Nugen’s Moorside Nuclear Power Station. We are also advising on TCPA housing and mixed use projects across the UK for Sainsbury’s, Farland and the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (PFBC).