Copper has announced that it has become part of the RSK family. Martin McCrink and Ben Heatley look at what working with RSK means for the company’s future direction and the positive impact it can have. 

The world is facing a series of challenges – the race to reach net zero, the cost of living crisis and enhancing  economic prosperity. 

Responding to these interlinked crises will require substantial changes to how we work and live, and what we expect from the organisations and companies we interact with. 

From the way our water will be used, stored and recycled, our homes are heated, the way we travel, to where we work and the types of houses we can live in. But closer to home, we’re likely to see changes in our landscape – with new types of renewable energy generation, new nuclear power, hydrogen facilities and pipelines. High speed rail will continue to be developed and new ways of travelling around cities will emerge. 

These changes have the potential to make all our lives more sustainable and to boost productivity and prosperity. But change needs to be explained. In order to maximise the opportunity of change it needs to be well understood, and the people that will be affected need to see that decisions are being taken with their input.  

We’ve seen many progressive projects get stuck in planning or financial approval because the political will is not there. This is often caused by a lack of public understanding and acceptance – a currency politicians need to rely on. 

Copper’s expertise is in helping to build this awareness, understanding and acceptance of change. We deliver measurable impact for clients. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped pave the way for some of the most ambitious, society-changing projects UK-wide and supported clients corporately to achieve their business objectives.  

We have supported clients including National Grid, National Highways, RWE, Vattenfall, Orsted, Rolls-Royce, Cadent, Western Power Distribution, ScottishPower, HS2, as well as various branches of Government to explain their ambitions, address concerns, and enhance their reputations. 

We’re at the centre of explaining change. Copper’s partnership with RSK is an exciting opportunity because RSK’s expertise, experience, global presence and focus on environmental solutions allows Copper to offer a more complete service, informed by thousands of technical experts who are at the heart of realising a more sustainable future.  

RSK and its specialist businesses are central to delivering the change we need as a country, and together we will be able to provide a more complete service, bringing together Copper’s industry leading strategic communications, with RSK’s expert technical knowledge. 

Working with RSK, we can help more clients navigate change in a more effective way, removing barriers to delivery, supporting our clients even more effectively, and ultimately supporting them to deliver their visions for positive change.