Just a couple of months have passed since Kwasi Kwarteng delivered the now infamous mini budget and Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement signalled a radical departure from that short-lived ideology.

Logistics makes up the backbone of the UK economy. Without the organised transport of goods, equipment, and produce, our way of living would be simply impossible.

In our latest insight report, Copper looks at the impact of major infrastructure projects through the eyes of the communities they serve – assessing past actions, understanding today’s experiences and identifying what could be improved for future projects.

You can read the report here: The infrastructure lifecycle from the perspective of communities.


As we begin to see more scrutiny over the public purse in post-Covid Britain, we may see a proportion of funding diverted away from large, strategic transport projects.

We need a step-change in our relationships with privately owned cars if we are to reach our net zero targets.

Read the report here.

After one of the warmest and driest summers on record, hosepipe bans announced in parts of the country and questions over wastewater discharges, the water industry is firmly in the public eye.

This report sets out what the public think about water infrastructure and makes recommendations to industry about how we can best communicate the solutions that will keep the taps flowing.

Read the report here.

The Labour Party Conference in Liverpool this week gave Keir Starmer the opportunity to present the case for what Labour would do differently if they were to be successful in the next election.

Copper Consultancy has explored the policies announced today in the Growth Plan 2022 with a particular focus on what they mean for the infrastructure sector.

After a protracted campaign amid the energy and cost of living crises, Liz Truss has emerged triumphant as the new leader of the Conservative Party.

Read the report here 

The third in our three-part Attitudes series exploring how different people think and feel about infrastructure.