Jamie Bannerman appointed to front specialist infrastructure firms plans to grow Scottish presence

Copper Consultancy has appointed Jamie Bannerman to bolster its strategic communications offer and to spearhead the firm’s ambitions to expand in Scotland.

Joining from Portland, and previously Weber Shandwick, Jamie has significant experience in driving strategic campaigns and delivering specialist support for global organisations such as KPMG, bp, Pfizer, the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and more.

As Copper continues to see significant opportunities for sustainable growth, Jamie will not only strengthen the agency’s foothold and expansion in Scotland, but his diversified skillset and experience is set to be a strategic advantage to clients across the infrastructure, construction and energy sectors.

Director of Strategic Communications, Annabel Beardsmore, said: “Jamie’s experience leading global communications strategies is immensely valuable for our business. He has a proven track record of supporting multinational and specialist organisations – across the corporate and industrial sectors – in addressing some of the most complex communications challenges they face. His appointment to our strategic communications practice is already bolstering the bespoke and creative expertise that our clients receive and creating new service offerings.”

Jamie’s multi-sectoral experience includes energy, corporate affairs, petrochemicals, technology and infrastructure. At Copper, he will be helping lead a team of skilled communicators, creative content creators; and media relations, digital, issues, and stakeholder engagement specialists.

Commenting on his appointment, Jamie said: “I am driven by the big challenges. And there is nothing more pressing to our industry and society than the transition to net zero and a sustainable economy. Copper is, consciously, a specialist agency that has a long-standing commitment to and record of success in supporting clients in addressing those challenges.

“I am in no doubt that I join the company at an exciting time. With ambitious growth plans, significant investment in the team, and the backing of the RSK Group, I am excited to add my skills and experience to the mix.

“Most importantly, I am here to support our clients. We live in a world that is increasingly noisy and chaotic, and the pace and scale of change that is on the horizon is unparalleled. Intelligent and creative communications can cut through the noise, calm the chaos and distil the complex; and that is what I will be helping to deliver for clients.”

To find out more about Copper Consultancy’s strategic communications offer, visit the website.





Copper Consultancy has appointed Hannah Jarrett to the position of Digital and Social Media Manager to provide additional expertise to clients in both paid and earned digital marketing.

Hannah has more than five years of cross-sector experience with global teams delivering high quality social media, event and marketing campaigns. Alongside social media expertise, she is skilled in content marketing, building target audiences and using analytics to optimise marketing campaigns.

Starting with Walt Disney World during her placement year at university, Hannah has worked with global teams in a range of sectors including luxury cruise company Royal Caribbean, and most recently leading the delivery of RSK Group’s social media strategy.

Having joined Copper from RSK Group, Hannah is well versed in the sustainability landscape and understands the complexity of working with a wide variety of clients.

Commenting on her appointment, Hannah said: “The growing demand for public engagement in major infrastructure development and for businesses to build genuine networks means digital has as big a role as ever in helping us reach our target audiences. Keeping my finger on the pulse, as social platforms and digital channels evolve, I am relishing the opportunity to apply my skills and support clients as we all work towards a net zero society and more sustainable economy.”

Annabel Beardsmore, Director, Strategic Communications, said: “With Hannah joining the team, we are able to provide additional value to new and existing clients by amplifying campaigns and messaging through targeted digital and social media. Hannah joins Copper’s strategic communications team and will collaborate with teams across the company to create cohesive marketing messages and reshape the company’s digital approach to help keep clients ahead of the curve.”

Copper’s Strategic Communications team provides public affairs, public relations and corporate strategy support to some of the largest organisations in the UK at the forefront of the UK’s drive to net zero.

As utility-scale solar projects go from strength to strength in the UK, Copper Consultancy has demonstrated continued excellence through Ecotricity’s Heckington Fen solar farm being accepted for examination.

Copper’s role ranged from delivering the project’s statutory consultation, to political and community insight, and most recently involved producing the consultation report that was submitted as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO) application.

This important milestone for Heckington Fen solar farm continues our 100% success rate for applications being accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

To find out more about our work in solar energy, read here.

International Womens Day

Embracing Equity

March 8th sees the celebration of International Women’s Day and as part of Copper Consultancy’s Connecting Women campaign, we asked both men and women across male dominated industries such as infrastructure, energy and construction to tell us what equity meant to them. How does it differ from equality and how are people embracing equity in their role, scheme, project and business?

With 88% of our respondents acknowledging they could identify the difference between equality and equity, we could see clear themes around individuality, opportunity and resource. Commenting on how equality is a “one size fits all” approach to delivering equal opportunity and resources, compared to embracing equity, which Delecia Reddy from Nicholas O’Dwyer describes as:

“Endeavoring to offer everyone equal access to opportunities, resources, and support that are proportionate to their needs. This may include providing accommodations for individuals with disabilities, granting flexible work arrangements, or investing in training and development programs to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles to advancement”.

Equity frames an individual’s personal circumstances and acknowledges that when given the same opportunities, we may not all begin at the same starting point. Various factors can hold a person back such as gender, low income, and race. Embracing equity is about putting things in place to enable everyone to start at the same starting point.

But what does this look like in practice?

Examples shared reflected that representation, understanding and education were important factors to consider when looking at ways to embrace equity.

People want their personal circumstances to be understood, so companies are rightly taking the time to ensure they understand what barriers may be faced when tackling such personal matters. Including Sarah Styan – Binnies who is attending lunch and learn sessions on neurodiversity explaining:

“People with neurodiversity can find the traditional work environment challenging, and it is now being revealed that the number of females with autism is underdiagnosed. We are encouraged to understand and appreciate how all different personality types are needed to build better teams to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients.” 

Examples shared included letting a mother take time out of her day to express breastmilk, paternity vs maternity leave explaining how “same sex couples may be disadvantaged in the amount of leave available to them” to delivering better support networks around sensitive topics such as miscarriages and menopause.

Lisa Ingram from Amey explained how their new menopause policy:
helps managers understand the challenges that may be faced by women and to help generate conversations about reasonable adjustments”.

In male dominated industries representation was key. People want to see themselves represented, supported and celebrated within the business by both colleagues and employers. Including female first aiders, better diversity amongst teams, women in senior leadership roles and advocating female awareness days like today.

Whilst great progress is being made Charlotte Usher from RSK mentions:
We can’t embrace equity unless we acknowledge the inequities that exist so that they can be solved. Part of that is finding what these inequities are, and the rest is giving people the confidence to speak up to senior staff”.

If success looks at the acknowledgement of the inequities that exist and solving them then Adam Doxford, Head of Environmental at Enviresearch is a great example of that. As part of this years theme, he told me how he has taken a moment to self-educate himself on equity, whilst working from home swaddling his sleepy newborn baby. Working from home means he can help share caring responsibilities. Equity wasn’t a term he had come across before but strongly believed in its need, saying:

Social stereotypes about women’s and men’s roles in society harm us all. My wife is very career driven, and I would like to give her the opportunities to advance her career when she returns to work by taking an equal or greater share of the caring responsibilities.”

Adam has now pledged to “encourage female co-workers to seek out opportunities that may not have historically been something that they had access to, or may not have had the confidence to pursue due to their circumstances or historical lack of support. Enabling women to seek out career development opportunities that fit in with any caring responsibilities they may have.”

So what will be your pledge today? #EmbraceEquity

If you would like to know more or get involved with our Connecting Women campaign, please get in touch at Gemma.Lloyd@copperconsultancy.com

Happy International Women’s Day from everyone at Copper!


Copper Consultancy, one the UK’s leading specialist communications agencies, has expanded its UK reach by opening a new office in Manchester.

Based in the Northern Quarter in the heart of the city centre, the opening is a signal of intent for the agency which was recently acquired by RSK Group, the global environmental solutions firm.

Copper specialises in developing innovative communications strategies for companies and organisations across the infrastructure and built environment sector, supporting clients including National Grid, National Highways, the Department for Levelling Up and Communities & Housing, the Department for Transport.

The opening of the new northern base, along with its new relationship with RSK Group, will provide a strong foundation to further deliver its award-winning work for current clients as well as expanding into new sectors.

The consultancy is actively recruiting in Manchester and will offer communications professionals a rewarding and exciting career opportunity.

The office will be led by Copper’s Strategic Director for Economic Development, Tom Morrison, who has over 15 years’ experience of working across Northern England.

Managing Partner, Martin McCrink, said:

“Our new Manchester base will provide a great platform to deliver for clients, existing and new. As we grow, we are keen to attract the best talent across the north to our business. Our talented team takes on some of the most important challenges for our clients and were keen for more communications professionals to join us on our journey.

Strategic Director, Tom Morrison, said:

“The future is very bright for us and I am excited for the next chapter in our story.

“The last few months have seen exciting developments for Copper. As well as the announcement of our partnership with RSK Group, we have celebrated a host of new client wins across the water, energy, change management and construction sectors.

“Copper has a strong track record in the region. We’re keen to build upon this work and support our clients, central and local government drive even more investment into the North.”

The new office address is: Fourways House 57 Hilton Street Manchester M1 2EJ

Copper has announced its plans to become part of the RSK family. The opportunity to retain Copper’s brand, team and specialism while working alongside a global leader in environmental sustainable solutions is exciting for all involved. 

Martin McCrink and Ben Heatley set out five reasons this is an exciting time to be part of Copper. 

Copper’s individuality, specialism and focus is strengthened  

Copper prides itself on addressing client challenges in creative, cost effective and innovative ways. Copper’s approach with clients matters to us. The ways we work with clients will continue and we have the opportunity to further our specialisms, deepened with the support of 10,000 experts from around the world. 

Working at the forefront of global challenges 

Our net zero targets remains a long term, strategic challenge for everyone in the UK, while around the world, organisations are planning to transition to a low carbon future. On our own, we can help our clients, but working with RSK enables us to offer more wholistic solutions to the biggest challenges with access to the strength in depth of RSK’s global business.  

A team of over 150 communications specialists 

Copper’s team has grown to more than 70 consultants. We’ll be working closely with RSK Creative – a technical writing, design and creative services business. Combine this with RSK’s corporate communications team and this means together we have over 150 communications experts who can  deliver even more innovative solutions for our collective clients. 

Attracting talent  

The talent market is complex and brimming with opportunity. The weight of a global business behind us offering a range of careers, means we can provide even more rewarding career development and thereby continue to attract the brightest and most committed communications specialists.  

A responsible, sustainable, knowledgeable shareholder 

As a small business, reducing our carbon emissions and maximising our social value impact can be a challenge. But now, with the backing of a global business that specialises on the fight against climate change RSK and Copper will be working together to reduce our impact on the planet and to increase our value to society. That will happen by assessing our own operations, but also by supporting the largest and most impactful energy transition projects in the UK and around the world. 


Specialist infrastructure communications consultancy forms a new partnership with leading global environmental solutions business RSK. The agreement enables RSK and Copper to: 

  • help clients navigate the key challenges of our time – net zero, cost of living and economic growth 
  • offer a more complete range of services to fulfil client demands 
  • reach new geographical markets and industry sectors 

RSK Group, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, has agreed a partnership with specialist infrastructure communications firm, Copper Consultancy. 

Copper specialises in building understanding and acceptance of infrastructure with the public, stakeholders, the media, government and elected representatives, while helping organisations to protect and enhance their reputations. The agreement provides an opportunity to take on more and increasingly complex client challenges. 

As part of the agreement, Copper will retain its brand, clients and management team. Copper will work closely with RSK Creative – a design and technical writing specialist business within the RSK group. Together with RSK’s corporate communications team, RSK now has a network of more than 150 communications experts covering strategy, marketing, data, planning support, construction, corporate, crisis, social, design and creative services. 

RSK Group CEO Alan Ryder said: “Copper’s infrastructure communications skills are an excellent addition to our Group, naturally complementing our enduring focus on engineering and environmental solutions and enhancing our client service.  

“This solutions-based approach is now more important than ever. As we face global challenges, changing how we live, our wish is to consult and explain these changes in a way which raises public awareness and understanding to ensure everyone can participate in this transition in a meaningful way.” 

Copper’s Managing Partners, Martin McCrink and Ben Heatley, said: “The UK is facing unprecedented challenges around net zero and the cost of living crisis. One of the levers industry and government can pull is to invest in infrastructure to modernise the country, boost productivity and enhance sustainability. Working closely with RSK gives Copper the opportunity to broaden the solutions we offer to clients and help them overcome the challenges they will face. 

“Copper is ambitious for the future. This relationship creates a platform for us to achieve those ambitions, allowing us to reach clients, markets and geographies that we couldn’t access on our own. We are excited to be able to support RSK with its ambitions to grow in the UK and around the world.” 

Copper’s growth has been significant in recent years. This agreement will enable Copper to continue with an ambitious strategy in the years to come, enabling access to new markets, clients and talent. For RSK it enables the company to offer an even broader range of specialist services to the infrastructure industry, and to tackle the most demanding challenges with teams of experts from across the business.  

As RSK continues to deliver its ambitious growth strategy it is now comprised of more than 175 companies, employing 10,000 people. The Group’s annual turnover at the end of FY22 is expected to be in excess of £800 million, more than double the previous year.  


Copper expresses our deep condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen has given immeasurable service to the United Kingdom, and will never be forgotten.

While it may still seem a long way off, we are fast approaching party conference season – and this year’s conference season promises to be among the most pivotal in recent times for the infrastructure sector.

The Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham will be the first major set piece event for the Party’s new leader and the UK’s new Prime Minister. In Liverpool, the Labour Party will be keen to demonstrate that they are a government in waiting. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats will be making their way to Brighton, hoping to show they can offer different solutions to the challenges the UK is facing.

We have set out below the three main reasons why party conference season should not be missed this year for those in the infrastructure sector:


  1. It is the perfect way to build a strong understanding of the new infrastructure policy landscape

Debate around infrastructure policy has been a key part of the Conservatives leadership hustings. Whilst those hustings provide an early indication on the direction of travel, Conference will see a new government start to provide greater detail on their plans.

It is also worth noting that what is said at hustings during the leadership campaign is aimed predominantly at winning votes from Conservative members, whereas the new government will be seeking more national appeal at Conference.

Finally, fringe events will allow new ministers and influential MPs to go into more detail about their views and policy ideas – and crucially, provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about the policies that matter to your organisation. Only by being at Conference can you get this level of understanding.


  1. Conference will give you a head start in getting to know who is who, and understanding what drives the new government

A new Prime Minister does not just mean a change in who occupies Number 10. It means the creation of a whole new administration.  While there may well be some familiar faces, from ministers, to advisers, to officials, there is going to be significant change in personnel. Conference is the perfect time to build new relationships and crucially gain a better understanding of what the new administration think – from fringe events to meetings.


  1. Start to insulate your organisation against political change

While last year’s Labour Party conference in Brighton was a pivotal one for Sir Keir Starmer as he sought to sure up his leadership, this year’s conference looks to be even more critical as the party seeks to demonstrate that it is a government in waiting.

Conference plays an important part in both the Lib Dem and Labour’s policy making process, and what is discussed in fringe and on the floor could feasibly become government policy in years to come.  Party Conference’s therefore represent an opportunity to listen and engage with policy at the early stage, and again, to understand who is driving these policy positions within respective Parties.


Copper will be in attendance at Labour Party Conference (Liverpool 25 – 28 Sept), Conservative Party Conference (Birmingham 2 – 5 Oct) and Liberal Democrat Conference (17 -20 Sept). We would be delighted to discuss how we can support you this conference season.

To arrange an introductory meeting or catch-up session while at Labour Party Conference please contact patrick.traynor@copperconsultancy.com , at Conservative Party Conference, please contact pearce.branigan@copperconsultancy.com and at Liberal Democrat Party Conference, please contact imogen.fawcett@copperconsultancy.com.


We are also hosting dinners for those in the infrastructure sector at Labour and Conservative conferences, please do get in touch with the team above if you are interested in attending.