Community Roots: How Our Garden Grows Together

Sarah Chalk, Senior Graphic Designer at Copper, has been busy volunteering for a children’s community project along side colleagues from RSK Group.

‘Growing Children’ is a large village project which enables young people to better understand the links between nature and our lived world. The community project brings together Sandy Bears Nursery, Tattenhall Park Primary School and Transition Tattenhall. The children have the opportunity to learn how to sow seeds, as well as planting, growing, tending and harvesting fruit and vegetables.

As a not-for-profit project, the allotments association relies on yearly subscription memberships, donations and grants. In fact, RSK Group’s involvement enables them to speed up their ambitions to reach project goals.

So far, having built a recycled greenhouse in the orchard, the next phase of work would see a covered learning space constructed. However, there’s an overhanging oak tree that needs taming first! Facing this hurdle, with her experience at the allotments, Sarah Chalk, called on colleagues at Treefellers, a fellow RSK Group company to lend a helping hand. With years of involvement in such initiatives, Sarah knew the importance of collaboration to overcome obstacles.

In addition to the oak tree taming, RSK has developed a wildlife pond at the allotments. This wildlife pond aims to create a healthy habitat for vegetation and wildlife. Which will also create a jetty in which children could dip the pond for samples, providing an opportunity to and educate children on ecology and the environment. The local primary and secondary schools are able to get involved with this project. As well as providing the opportunity for community workshops to take place at the new pond!

This project provides a unique opportunity for different generations of the community together. Recently, the project hit a milestone with the local nursery visiting the allotment for their first growing lesson!


Group of nursery children mesmerised by volunteer helping them to sow beans.


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Copper Consultancy, one the UK’s leading specialist communications agencies, has expanded its UK reach by opening a new office in Cardiff.


The Cardiff office builds on over 18 years of Copper Consultancy supporting large-scale complex infrastructure projects in Wales.  


Based in the Creative Quarter in the heart of the city centre, the opening is a signal of intent for the agency, following a senior level hire in the latter half of 2023. 


Copper is a full-service communications consultancy with over 100 people UK-wide, specialising in combining insight, expertise and creative communications for clients across the energy and infrastructure sectors.


In Wales, Copper has supported clients such as National Grid, RWE, Wind2, Hanson, ABP, Bute Energy, Green GEN Cymru, Western Link, HyNet, Uniper, Renewable Connections, Western Gateway, and Cardiff Parkway.


The opening of the new Welsh base, along with its new relationship with RSK Group, will provide a strong foundation to further deliver its award-winning work for current clients as well as expanding into new sectors. 


Copper has a growing team across the length and breadth of Wales, beyond the capital, and is steadfast in its commitment to bilingualism with a growing team of Welsh speakers at a senior level. 

The consultancy is actively recruiting in Wales and will offer communications professionals a rewarding and exciting career opportunity. 


The office will be led by Lisa Childs, who is a stakeholder and strategic communications specialist with experience both in leading high-profile campaigns for nationally significant infrastructure projects, and in leading Welsh campaigning organisations.  


Managing Partner, Martin McCrink, said: 


“Our new Cardiff base will provide a great platform to deliver for clients, existing and new; building on over 18 years of delivery in Wales.  


“As we grow, we are keen to attract the best talent across Wales to our business. Our talented team takes on some of the most important challenges for our clients and were keen for more communications professionals to join us on our journey. 


Wales Lead Lisa Childs, said:

“Wales is on the cusp of a green energy revolution, and we are seeing a confident Welsh Government drive forward an ambitious programme for change.


“There are challenges, but I’m motivated to help our clients navigate them. Copper Cymru can be the one-stop shop for strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, public affairs, creative and design, crisis communications, as well as building on our strong track record in supporting projects achieve consent.


“I’m looking forward to expanding on Copper’s record of delivery in Wales, and excited by the opportunities that hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and offshore wind offer us in Wales.


“I’m delighted to be deepening Copper’s presence in Wales and to be presented with an opportunity to combine my major project experience with my desire to live and work bilingually in an ambitious, forward-looking, greener Wales.” 


Copper will be sharing its office with RSK Environment at; Suite 115, Creative Quarter, 8a Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF 


Please contact for any inquiries, or to discuss our work further.  


Leveraging legal experience in the world of communications

As a recent law graduate, you may be wondering how I ended up in the world of communications. More specifically… why infrastructure?

A totally intentional opportunity as actually, a lot of the planning process is governed by statutory requirements. In fact, throughout projects this is something that Copper must work around. Being able to witness projects going from pre-application stages to approval, allows me to apply the purpose behind planning law. Copper combines two of my interests, the law and sustainability, which is why I found Copper such a perfect fit.  


Sustainable impact outside the world of STEM 

Copper’s focus on renewable energy is an element that attracted me to the role. Previously, I was led to believe that without a background in STEM, roles that have an impact on sustainability would be limited. However, Copper has happily disproven my initial opinion. A lot of Copper’s work focuses on communicating the importance of green projects to key stakeholders, which is something I am passionate about. For example, working on solar farm projects which when complete, could deliver up to 50 MegaWatts of clean green energy. This all feeds into the wider picture, to contribute to the net zero promises the government has to deliver by 2050. It’s incredibly rewarding to be a tiny piece of the bigger picture.  


My journey into Copper 

How did I get to Copper? Securing my internship via the Taylor Bennett Foundation (TBF), an organisation that promotes better diversity in the PR industry as a whole. 91% of people in the profession classify themselves as white, meaning people of colour are seriously underrepresented in public relations, but with Copper the were no barriers to entry and the interview process amplified that. 

The entire application process was well communicate. Granted my interview in fact felt like a conversation. This style of interview put me at a lot more at ease. With the application process making me more comfortable, allowing me to feel valued as an individual and not ‘just a number’ or ‘just another intern’.  

My advice to anyone else applying to Copper for an internship is to vocalise your interests. Making your interests known to your team will allow them to support you in doing work that suits. I have been able to work across practices including Infrastructure and Strategic Communications, learning more from being given the opportunity to do so. Hopefully future interns will be able to gain just as much as I have from my internship! 


Copper’s company culture 

Copper’s involvement with TBF has translates well into the culture at Copper. Notably all team members have been inclusive, willing to introduce me to new projects and no question has felt too silly to ask. Allowing me to experience a seamless transition into the company, without ever feeling like an outsider.   

In fact, now that I have been here for over a month, I am learning that my team come from a diverse range of backgrounds. For example, my colleague Hannah worked at Disney in the theme parks and later, in a digital marketing role for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines before entering the world of corporate communications. Knowing that everyone has a variety of experiences before settling into their career makes me feel at ease, to think that everyone was once in my position.  

Overall my experience at Copper has been welcoming, exciting and intellectually stimulating. I am excited for all the new projects I’ll get to work on for the remainder of my internship at Copper! 


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5 Things I have Learnt as a Junior Designer at Copper 

Over the past year and a half as a junior graphic designer, I’ve learnt a lot about design (which goes without saying). Also learning about working in a professional environment, and, more importantly, about myself.

However, starting a job in this industry fresh out of university with only a few freelance jobs and an internship under your belt can be an extremely daunting experience. But the design team at Copper helped to guide me through this transition. 



Here are the top five things I have learnt: 


1. Ask lots of questions. 

We have all been there. Undeniably, starting a brand-new job and realising that you have no idea what you are doing. Luckily, my manager and the wider team were there patiently answering my queries whenever I needed them. Not only has this helped me to gain confidence and knowledge, but also to completely understand what is required of me. 


2. Learn from your team. 

I became a sponge. Soaking up knowledge through experience, exposure, and guidance from the other designers. Evidently, this is something that I will continue to do. 


3. Voice your opinion. 

In fact, being a junior has never stopped my team from asking for my ideas.  They treat me as an equal and emphasise the fact that just because I don’t have a few years of industry experience, this doesn’t mean I can’t express my opinion. Ultimately this really helped to build my confidence and voicing your opinion will also build your communication skills. Pitching new ideas, concepts, and having a fresh perspective to tasks, whilst also having them taken seriously helps to make me feel like I am a valued member of the team. 


4. Keep trying new things. 

Copper has continuously supported my thirst for learning new skills, and from that, I have learnt to speed up my workflow on multiple programmes as well as experiment with new ideas. Most notably, I have been given the chance to apply these skills to client work. Trying new things has shown me that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 


5. Share your experiences. 

The friendly nature of Copper has helped me to feel confident when talking about both positive and negative experiences of working at an agency. After all, there is no doubt, that if I need help, someone will be able to offer assistance.  


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Copper Consultancy has appointed Luca Ingrassia to strengthen its economic development offer and provide additional support for the firm’s growing work in decarbonisation projects across the country.

Joining from Connect Public Affairs, Luca brings significant experience in advancing campaigns for a number of prominent organisations in the net zero space. This includes Toyota, Vaillant and UNISON. Luca also acted as Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen.

As Copper looks to sustain its recent growth in net zero, Luca will provide advantages for clients across the economic development sector in his role as account manager.

Director of Economic Development at Copper, Ronan Cloud, said: “I am delighted to welcome Luca to Copper. His experience in renewable energy and the wider net zero landscape will add significant value to Copper’s offer. His appointment will bolster our growing team and provide additional support as we service a growing client base”.

Luca’s experience covers a range of policy areas, including energy, skills, technology and transport. At Copper, he will be supporting on the strategic direction of major client accounts and provide political insight.

Commenting on his appointment, Luca said: “I am incredibly excited to be joining Copper at such an important time for the firm, with RSK Group’s backing fuelling ambitious plans for growth to meet the pressing demands of the net zero transition.

“I look forward to providing insight, expertise and advantage as the company helps clients navigate today’s challenging political landscape”.

To find out more about Copper Consultancy’s strategic communications offer, visit the website.



Ceyda Dag offers her insight into life as a Junior Account Executive at Copper.

When you need experience to get experience, how can anyone possibly have enough experience for a first job as a graduate? I started Copper after submitting my Master’s thesis, and in the short time that I have been at Copper, I have learned far more than through any degree I have done.

Getting that all-important experience

Making photocopies or coffee runs were certainly not on my to-do list. I was assigned to four different projects in my first week – getting stuck in from the start was definitely the best way to learn on the job. Here at Copper we work together as a team, sharing knowledge across projects. Gaining this practical experience has been the best way to begin my career in consultancy.

Finding my passion

What do you want to be when you grow up? This was a question I was certain I knew the answer to when I was younger. However, throughout the years I discovered new interests and possibilities, which is why I strayed away from International Corporate Law and found my way to Copper. Finding a job that allows you to follow your passion – making a difference to local communities by working on projects that make an impact – has been extremely rewarding.

Environment is key

Working in a friendly environment with like-minded and passionate people allows me to wake up every morning and look forward to heading to the office – yes, even on Mondays! I don’t know what the future holds for me but I certainly look forward to developing my skills working on nationally significant projects with Copper.

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Eden Musyoki offers an insight into each of his first four weeks as an Account Executive at Copper Consultancy.

In the short time I have been here, I have been exposed to all facets of day-to-day business life at Copper.

Week 1: Business development

In my first week I led the research element of an important new business tender document that Copper was going for. This involved designing and commissioning a perception audit of a high profile company in order to strengthen our written proposal and pitch.

Week 2: Drafting materials       

In my second week I drafted a set of materials for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). These materials were designed to help communicate the need and potential benefits of the project in an accessible way to the local affected community.

Week 3: Client meetings

In my third week I attended a preliminary client meeting with a FTSE 250 housebuilding and urban regeneration company. Our client has a development project in a local area, and is using Copper’s expertise in stakeholder relations and community engagement.

Week 4: Business events

In my fourth week I helped manage a business event on behalf of a client seeking to build advocacy for a road improvement scheme in the South East. This event involved me facilitating discussions with local business owners to understand their concerns and views in regard to the scheme.

It’s been a real diverse range of work so far and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be doing over the coming weeks.

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