Half-term. Usually a time of great relief, high excitement and the prospect of enjoying some well-earned fun in the springtime sun. But this year, we face a new challenge. Two months into nationwide lockdown even the best of us are running low on fun and engaging activity ideas to keep our beloved protégés busy.

If, like us, your games cabinet has already been raided time and again, staircase slides are losing their novelty, and even the most beloved video games have been cast aside, you may be looking for some hands-on, educational fun that buys you some time.

If this is you, Copper can help. We’re sharing some of our best-loved STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities – with an emphasis on bringing infrastructure to life for children. We love bridges, and by the end of half-term, we hope your kids will too!

The Bridge Challenge competition: ages 5+

Copper is running a competition over half-term to find the best bridge created entirely of household items. Your ‘project team’ will need to use the bridge-building fundamentals they learn in our interactive tutorial, a collection of household items, and no short supply of creativity to build a bridge which will be judged by our expert panel. Winners get featured in the June edition of  The Copper Wire.

To enter, follow this link to access our interactive tutorial and the requirements your bridge must meet, and send your photo to kids@copperconsultancy.com by midday on 29 May.

Welding with chocolate

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious (and prepared to supervise) or your kids are a little older, you might be interested in this activity, which explores the difference between beam and girder bridges… with the help of chocolate!

We’ve designed an interactive slide show that will guide the learning, action and conversation. It includes everything you’ll need for the exercise, as well as some hints and tips to make sure everyone has a good time – and learns something. To download the activity, just click here.