Josh Storer discusses life at Copper and what it’s like delivering major infrastructure and development every day.

We wear many hats

‘Account Manager’ is a fairly vague title, but really it’s all about finding solutions to the problem in hand. That might mean researching a political landscape, writing a consultation report, selling in a press release, organising a public event or using one of a handful of other tools at your disposal for any given project. And of course, there’s also the overarching priority of keeping clients happy and making sure our projects are progressing as they should. You learn to keep a number of different plates spinning at the same time, but that provides a lot of variety and excitement day to day.

But we’re also specialists

Delivering communications for infrastructure and development is a niche area of the industry, but it’s an immensely rewarding one, especially as everyone has their own individual talents and backgrounds. Copper offers a blend of support and independence that can help you to reach your potential – you’re able to learn from others, whilst following your own career path and the areas that most interest you.

We combine strategy with industry

Because clients hire us for our expertise, a lot of our work is about thinking strategically – working out how to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. This involves a lot of hard work, but maintaining that wider perspective is key and is something that really attracted me to the job.

We’re ‘people’ people

As stakeholder engagement professionals, we serve as the human face for the projects we work on. You’ll be talking to people who have an interest in a particular development, from councillors and MPs to members of a local community. It’s about listening to concerns, finding compromises and getting people excited about how development can benefit them.

We’re keen to make a difference

I joined Copper looking for a way I could use my skills that would make a tangible, positive difference for people and communities, and that’s something which is common across the company. Every day is different, but the challenge here remains the same: how can we help businesses to deliver infrastructure in a way that works for everybody?

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